Healthcare Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care Services

The Healthcare Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care Department exists to provide emotional and spiritual care to patients and watchers, hospital workers and families, and to anyone (of all faiths) who seek help in this area of need from inside and outside of hospital premises.


Patient's room and home visit
Prayer and Anointing
Counseling and Debriefing
  Process grief Therapy

  Bible Sharing or Study

AMCV Healthcare Chaplaincy

is a patient-centered care provider considering the hospital as the crossroads of different individuals from diverse status, background, and culture. We remain neutral and respectful to the belief and value system of our clients and refrain from proselytizing or trying our conviction to be imposed on them. Instead, we let every patient exercises their religious practices accordingly during their whole confinement and facilitating whenever requested to their preferred spiritual care provider from their religious affiliation.
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