At the Dietary Department of Adventist Medical Center – Valencia City Inc., we recognize the important role of proper nutrition and diet in the contribution to the healing and maintaining of a healthy body and mind. Our dedicated team of food industry workers, cooks, and a licensed dietitian are dedicated committed [1] to providing our patients, customers, and workers with an array of meals that are delicious, appetizing, and healthy. We prepare our meals using choice fruit and vegetable ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers around the city along with our very own vegetarian meat substitutes. As a Seventh-day Adventist food industry, we choose to not serve meat of any kind in any of our meals. 


Aside from providing the food for all inpatients [1] every meal time, we also offer the following services: or admitted patients?  which is better?

Nutrition/Diet assessment

The dietitian evaluates the nutritional status of an individual through measurements of his/her food and nutrient intake. This is a method of obtaining, verifying and interpreting data needed to identify nutrition- related problems, their causes, and significance.
Nasogastric Tube (NGT) food preparation
This service is given to patients who may have complications that prevent them from being able to eat and drink.

A Nasogastric tube is a small tube which is inserted through the nose, which then goes to the stomach. The food is then given through the tube which passes it directly into the stomach.  Each of the NGT meals are carefully calculated to the specific nutritional needs of the patient.
Dietary counselling.
We offer counseling to individuals who we see are in need of diet education. This is especially beneficial to patients who are diabetic or obese. Through this counseling, we are able to educate or encourage patients to adopt a healthier diet that can greatly improve their quality of life. This is usually done upon the recommendation of a doctor or by request of the patient.
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