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Adventist Medical Center-Valencia City


The Health and Wellness Department provides programs that are designed to support and encourage a whole-person care approach to patients and employee well-being by creating an organized culture of health. We offer wellness solutions to people who are seeking to experience restoration of health by taking ownership of their well-being aiming to empower them to live happier and more fulfilling lives. Our unique approach is on biblical -principles that are rooted in evidence-based science and incorporated into every aspect of our care.

Many chronic diseases are preventable, and implementing a wholistic approach to health and wellness programs is an influential way to educate patients, employees, and the community on the importance of creating healthy habits and the benefits of sticking to wellness goals.

Our expert caregivers are highly skilled and well-trained staff composed of Registered Nurses and Dieticians that could not only take part in managing lifestyle diseases to help you get well but also to assist you to stay well.


With the department’s goal to be the center of influence in health promotion and disease prevention, these are our services:
We provide a comprehensive education program for diabetic patients by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to thrive in the management of diabetes. The program’s certified educator is ready to work with you to find practical solutions that fit your personal needs.
This is a wholistic education approach that aims to ally the medical management of patients with chronic or lifestyle diseases, . Inspiring and facilitating patients to make well-informed choices of the simple remedies and practical ways of life that they could easily integrate as they actively participate in obtaining a better and quality life.
A free health lecture service of sharing general health tips to out-patients weekly, aiming to raise community health awareness that will lead them to make improved health choices.
We provide tools for patients that could help them find out and track on how well they are living a healthy lifestyle. We also conduct health risk assessments by profiling them on their risks for lifestyle diseases.
Our department provides health information resources of pamphlets and magazines that areas in easy access to with people coming into the hospital to raise community awareness on the relevant health issues that aims to promote well-being and prevent lifestyle diseases.
We organize and facilitate one of the social responsibilities of the hospital by providing free medical care to the community, schools, and companies in need. With our highly skilled medical team, we give direct care to their health needs, and to touch more lives, we give practical health education and awareness for the community.
We are developing and facilitating wellness programs to improve our worker’s’ health through practicing a healthy lifestyle and reaping its benefits and also influence others by how we live. We encourage our workers to pursue an active lifestyle among workers by participating in our fitness programs like playing badminton, engaging themselves in Zumba and going to the gym.